Bayonetta 3 is, so far, going to be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Understandably, people are a little concerned over this. The director of the game though, has a possible solution.

Wishful thinking, or genuine advice?

In a recent Tweet from Hideki Kamiya, director of the Bayonetta and Devil May Cry franchises, he explained why the most recent Bayonetta game is currently for the Nintendo Switch only. Apparently, according to Kamiya, Nintendo is funding the development of Bayonetta 3, just like the 2nd game. Kamiya, and PlatinumGames by extension, is developing the game, but has no control over product decisions that affect, for example, what consoles the game is for.

Thus, if you want to see Bayonetta 3 for another console other than Nintendo Switch, you should contact Nintendo directly. Kamiya specifically mentions a PlayStation 5 port as an example, and that if Nintendo funds this porting, then a port to the PS5 may be possible. He does trail off after that with an ellipsis though, so even he might not be too confident about those chances. Oh, well. Fingers crossed, I suppose.

Bayonetta 3: Ports to Other Consoles?

Bayonetta winking in the Bayonetta 3 trailer.
Maybe if Bayonetta herself asks nicely enough?

To be honest, I have little hope of Bayonetta 3 ever seeing a port to other consoles. At least, not anytime soon. Yes, the original Bayonetta game saw a recent rerelease on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. However, the publisher for the original game is also Sega, not Nintendo. Bayonetta 2, released for the Nintendo Wii U back in October 2014, still does not have a port to a non-Nintendo console as of this writing. Heck, it doesn’t even have a port to the modern Nintendo Switch yet here in NA. If after this long, even the 2nd game doesn’t have a non-Nintendo port, there’s really not much hope for the 3rd game. Not unless Sega manages to acquire the publishing right back, somehow.


In a recent Tweet, the director of Bayonetta 3, Hideki Kamiya, is suggesting for players to ask Nintendo to drop their Nintendo Switch exclusivity to allow porting to non-Nintendo consoles like the PS5. Honestly, this might be a bit of wishful thinking. It’s like asking a hungry dog to drop the steak it’s holding in its mouth already. Nintendo, like all companies, just love their money. I honestly doubt we’ll see a port for this game anytime soon, but well, fingers crossed.

Source: Twitter