You thought Bayonetta was done after only 2 games? Well, Nintendo Direct is here to prove you all wrong with a new trailer for Bayonetta 3, where the titular heroine herself shows off in all of her flirtatious glory.

Weaponized sexiness inbound for the 3rd time.

Nintendo Direct 9.23.2021 surprised us with a bunch of new trailers for various games. One of those was a brand new trailer for Bayonetta 3: the long-awaited 3rd entry in the game series starring the titular witch. Which we’ve been waiting for a while. Nintendo announced the game back at The Game Awards 2017, and we didn’t hear a peep out of them ever since. At least, not until now.

This Bayonetta 3 trailer, along with Nintendo’s own website, also gave us a release date for when we finally get to see her in action. Apparently, the game will launch sometime in 2022. Yeah, not all that precise a date, is it? The release date could mean anywhere from January to December. We’ll just have to wait for Nintendo to clarify things later.

The only other information of note is that Bayonetta 3 will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. It seems that Nintendo somehow got an exclusive deal with PlatinumGames Inc. to release the game solely for the Switch this time around. We’ll just have to wait for more info from either Nintendo or PlatinumGames later.

Bayonetta 3 Trailer: Details

Bayonetta 3 trailer image.
Decently long trailer to boot, giving Bayonetta time to show off all of her moves.

Leaving aside the cinematic bits, Nintendo Direct 9.23.2021’s trailer for Bayonetta 3 actually showed quite a bit of gameplay footage in it. We see Bayonetta stop time, trap monsters in iron maidens appearing out of thin air, fight more monsters in an out-of-control train, and even turn into some kind of humanoid butterfly to deal massive damage to a giant monster.

Most notably of all, we see Bayonetta perform some kind of ritual dance that summons a gargantuan dragon to fight alongside her against a boss monster. It doesn’t stop at that dragon either. We see her summon a roc-like giant bird, and a massive spider/scorpion hybrid thing. Both of which can deal even more damage to enemies. She apparently has full control over them too, since she rides the dragon at one point through a warped city. All in all, it the kind of grandiose action combined with deliberate sexiness that drew in fans of the original game. Bayonetta 3 is definitely promising even more of that.


Bayonetta 3 just got a new trailer from Nintendo Direct 9.23.2021. Said trailer sees our titular witch show off in all ways imaginable, from attacks to her usual flirtatious personality. The trailer also revealed that the game will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. That, and we will finally get to see the game sometime in 2022. Hopefully, Nintendo gives us a more specific release date later.

Source: Nintendo YouTube, Nintendo