Disney+’s presentation of Pixar Sparkshorts is coming to a close this week with Louis Gonzales’ Nona.  This nearly 6-minute movie follows a grandmother, who becomes stuck with her granddaughter while her highly anticipated wrestling program goes live.  Pixar’s reputation for excellence continues with this new short film, although I don’t believe it packs as much of an impact as last week’s installment Twenty Something.   

The animation in Nona, starts off a little basic for the studio… but, as it progresses Gonzales’ creativity comes to the forefront.  The director’s love for street art paired with an anime-style smackdown proves to be something original, that I have never seen Pixar pull off before.  There is a scene with a plume of smoke covered in sparkles and glitter near the end, that will make any fan of this medium smile from ear to ear.


This story of having to take care of a little one, while something important to you is going on around you… will be very resonant with adults.  Nona is also a film about sacrifice, and what it means to take care of family; even if that means you must put your own interests to the side.  Gonzales’ love for his own grandmother and the fact that she loved wrestling, is very clear in every frame of this short.  This is a very personal story and you can tell that love has been injected into it. 

Unfortunately, for me at least… Nona is a bit too simple.  The story doesn’t feel as nuanced and the emotional impact doesn’t hit as hard as most Pixar shorts.  It is very difficult for these films to pull off so much, but we have been spoiled by this studio, who have time and time again pulled off what was seemingly impossible…  Telling a grand story in so little words and such a short period of time, that sticks with you long after it’s over.  While Nona put a smile on my face and warmed my heart, it does lack the gut-punch that I would expect from Pixar.

Nona will be streaming exclusively on Disney+ September 17th, 2021.

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