The Last Drive-In is a true miracle and blessing to all of us horror fans out there. The new revival of the classic Joe Bob Briggs show from the 90’s on Shudder has reignited the fire of horror. The latest season of The Last Drive-In might not be coming right away, but according to Diana “Darcy The Mail Girl” Prince, we’re getting five specials in between now and the new season.

We don’t know exactly when the new season starts, but we do know that Joe Bob and Darcy are back for a Halloween special on Shudder: Joe Bob’s Halloween Hoedown. It airs October 8th on Shudder and goes on-demand, October 10th.

In what has become an annual tradition, iconic horror host and foremost drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs returns with a special The Last Drive-In double feature just in time for Halloween, premiering live on the Shudder TV feed. You’ll have to tune in to find out what movies Joe Bob has selected, but you can count on something scary and perfect for the season, with special guests to be announced.

We don’t know what movies they’ll be showing off this time around, but it’s probably not Halloween III: Season of the Witch. As much as Darcy loves that film, Joe Bob has brickwalled every chance to show it on The Last Drive-In.

What specials do you think they’ll run other than Halloween?

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Source: Diana Prince’s Twitter