Think about all the major horror franchises out there. We have Halloween, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, Scream, The Conjuring Universe, and more. What do these ones have in common? They all have home-video/Blu-ray releases that are pretty swagged out with extras, special features, and more. Scream Factory has given Halloween and Friday the 13th sets that would make any collector out there shed a tear. So what about A Nightmare on Elm Street? We have a super deluxe version of the first film, but there are plenty of other films in that franchise that could use the love.

The set most people own on Blu-ray.

What’s a collector to do? I own this series set. It’s really nice to have all the movies in one package, and at least with the bit of extras that are on some of the discs. But the other films in the series are sorely lacking any sort of special features or bonus content. For films like A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child we have scenes that were cut by the MPAA that could be restored. This franchise is one that is ripe for the collector’s box-set treatment. I know the documentary Never Sleep Again fills in a lot of what we would normally get on a special feature or Scream Factory style interview, but there’s so much to this amazing franchise that fans want to see.

Freddy’s Nightmares Needs To Be Released In Some Fashion

There’s also the other wrinkle of Freddy’s Nightmares. The anthology show that ran for two seasons still doesn’t have a legit modern home video release. Sure, you can go buy a bootleg that’s made from recordings of it’s time on the El Rey Network in the mid 2010’s. But for the Freddy/Nightmare on Elm Street superfans out there (myself included), we need a release of this show. What better way to reward fans than to make the ultimate box-set.

If you are interested in Freddy’s Nightmares, a couple of the episodes from the series are available on the Special Edition of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Scream Factory, Arrow Video, Whoever, Please Do Your Magic

Nightmare on Elm Street

Seeing the amazing work that they’ve done with two of the other biggest horror franchises out there, what could Scream Factory do with the Nightmare franchise? The packaging and extras suite for Halloween and Friday the 13th was already superb. They captured the essence of the series and gave fans something to truly cherish with both of their releases. There aren’t even individual Blu-ray releases of some of the Nightmare films. So you’re basically stuck with the current edition or nothing.

Is it a problem with New-Line Cinema? They let the Friday the 13th franchise get the deluxe treatment from Scream Factory. Is it a rights issue? All the movies are owned by one studio. They got the Friday the 13th franchise out, and that movie series is in one of the worst rights battles I’ve ever seen. So what is it then?

It’s about time that Freddy and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise get their due. This set we have does the job, we can watch the movies. But at the end of the day, it’s a budget set. It’s there for people to get into the franchise, and own the movies. The series is one of my absolute favorites and a big part of why I love horror so much.

So please, anyone who’s reading that can get Arrow Video, Scream Factory, or anyone else to make a deluxe edition for the series, let’s get it done for the fans.

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