Razer is one of the leaders in gaming accessories and peripherals. For long they’ve been the best brand to go to for keyboards, headsets, mice, and more. Now, they’re expanding the gaming chair market with the new Iskur line of chairs. They’re adding a full four new options in the line for people of all shapes and sizes. They include the Razer Iskur, Iskur X, and Iskur XL. Now, you can get the Iskur line in fabric coverings as well. Here’s the pricing information and description of the chairs.

Razer Iskur Fabric – The Iskur Fabric is made of ultra-soft, spill-resistant fabric, for a plush yet durable finish; the densely woven material provides a soft feel while being resistant to water, oil, and dirt. The Razer Iskur Fabric is also available in XL. Razer Iskur Fabric is available at $499 USD / €549.99 EUR, while the XL version is available at $599 USD / €649.99 EUR.

Razer Iskur XL – the XL versions of the Iskur family are 15% larger than their regular-sized counterparts, providing a more spacious fit for gamers with a higher backrest and wider seat base; they can support up to a height of 6’ 8” (208cm), and up to 396lbs (180kg). The Razer Iskur, in XL is available at $599 USD / €649.99 EUR, while the Razer Iskur X, in XL is available at $499 USD / €599.99 EUR.

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