Hasbro has announced 2 more villains do to battle with your ever-growing collection of Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures! These are Amazon EXCLUSIVES with limited availability on HasbroPulse.com

Ecliptor and Astronema

Everyone’s big bad space daddy and his ward are coming to a 2-pack! We already had hints of these several weeks ago at a Chinese toy show but now we can report with high res images! This will be a new design for the Princess of Evil and we love it!

Both figures come with extra hands and blast effects. Of course with Hasbro’s signature 20 points of articulation!

Finster: Master of Putty

Finster, Rita’s loyal creator of putties and monsters is ready to sculpt out a special space all his own on your shelves!

Finster comes with a slew of goodies for crafting putties. Including extra hands and tools that fit into his work apron! Even tiny putties that fit in his closing case!

Thoughts from THE GRID

Like I already said we knew the 2-pack was coming eventually. I love the fact we are getting the many outfits of Astronema but one thing I would ask is we get a new blast effect. I would think with the several outfits we can change that one thing up too. Just changing the color isn’t doing it for me. I’m also a bit peeved that this again is coming in a 2-pack. Now if you are a completionist then it’s fine, for you. But for someone like myself, I feel a bit taken advantage of when this 2-pack is going to force me to choose between my 2 figures. I’ve had this problem already with another 2-pack and I’ll have it soon with the Kat-Pack. I have to rehome my duplicate figures or figures that I don’t have that much of a heartfelt response to, for me.

The MANY looks of Astronema

So far we have 2 out of the possible 10 looks. I hope if Hasbro chooses to go forward with making all the outfits they either do them as singles or WAIT FOR IT:

A Princess of Evil pack akin to $50 Evo III Drakkon. Featuring Red Head cyborg Astronema but instead of ranger helmets, interchangeable Astronema heads! That way you can change them out with your already owned figures. Astronema really only had 3 costumes throughout the series and head swaps could be the most cost-effective idea for both Hasbro and the Ranger community alike.

Oh Finster my Finster! What an awesome-looking figure! With all the tiny details the sculptors at Hasbro are really stepping up their game now that they have passed that 100th figure threshold! For me, what really does it is the colors. Choosing to do the 2 toned head rather than go cheaply with a single white head, makes you appreciate the level of detail. The mini putties and tools are just the icing on the cake. With this being Rita’s second minion after two previous versions of Goldar that were missing the GOLDEN treatment. This is a huge step up!


Finster on AMAZONAstronema and Ecliptor on AMAZON
Astronema and Ecliptor on HASBRO PULSEFinster on HASBRO PULSE
Limited Availability on HASBRO PULSE

Are you as excited as we are? Are you going to preorder the Power Rangers Lightning Collection villains immediately? Let us know in the comments below!

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