At last, we finally get to see what Nathan Drake and co. look like in the upcoming Uncharted film. Although, the following images may disappoint hardcore fans of the games. At least, in the Sully department.

A brief fleeting glimpse into Uncharted.

This bit of news about Uncharted came to us courtesy of Unfortunately, it seems that aren’t actually allowed to show the actual footage from CinemaCon. It’s not just them though. No one else as of this writing has any of the footage up. All they have is description of the footage. describes the footage as having both Tom Holland as Nathan “Nate” Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor “Sully” Sullivan present in the footage. Apparently, the camera focuses on Holland rather than Wahlberg, keeping the focus of the footage on the main protagonist. Which fits what we know of the games, since Nate is the main hero, and Sully is his mentor figure.

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in "Uncharted".
Nothing wrong with Nathan Drake though. Tom Holland looks perfect for the role.

Fortunately, does anticipate that we’ll soon see a full trailer for Uncharted. They believe that the footage they saw at CinemaCon will be used in the trailer. They give no timeline, of course, other than soon. We’ll just have to wait for word from Sony to confirm if this is true or not.

Uncharted: Something Not Quite Right About Sully

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake on the right, with Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan in "Uncharted".
Sully, what happened to your face?!

Eagle-eyed fans of the original Uncharted games by Naughty Dog will notice that something appears to be a bit…off about Sully’s appearance in the still image above. To be clear: Sully is the guy on the left, played by Mark Wahlberg. What could it be…oh, yes. His mustache. You know, his iconic one that he has in every single game?

A young Victor Sullivan speaking with a young Nathan Drake in "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception".
Don’t disrespect the ‘stache, man.

Fans of the Uncharted games might be really worried about the disconcerting lack of facial hair on Sully in this still. Strangely, it runs counter to an image Mark Wahlberg himself posted on PSU. The image he posted is a lot more faithful to the game’s Sully.

Mark Wahlberg selfie showing Sully's iconic mustache.
See? Mustache present here.

It’s unclear why the Uncharted footage still shows a mustache-less Sully. makes no mention of it, whether by themselves or from Sony. We’ll just have to wait for Sony to give us the details later.


Sony revealed footage of the upcoming Uncharted film (starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake) at CinemaCon. While no one has any of the footage up as of this writing, anticipates a full trailer will come out soon. We do have a pair of new stills from the footage to show you though. Unfortunately, 1 of the stills shows Sully (played by Mark Wahlberg) without his iconic mustache. Why? Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait for Sony to clear that up. Or wait until February 18, 2022 to see how the film explains the lack of ‘stache.

Source:, PSU