Well, it seems that Scarlett Johansson isn’t alone in her legal fight against Disney. At least, not in the case of Elizabeth Olson. You may recognize her as Wanda Maximoff, aka. the Scarlet Witch.

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch.
Avengers legally assemble!

During a joint interview with Jason Sudeikis in Vanity Fair on August 20, 2021; Elizabeth Olsen publicly voiced support for Scarlett Johansson and her ongoing lawsuit against Disney. Her support came after Vanity Fair asked: “Speaking of streaming, both of you have starred in big theatrical movies. Are either of you worried about the theatrical experience, in the way that COVID has changed how movies are being released at this point? We saw how that’s playing out with Scarlett Johansson’s recent lawsuit.” Olsen’s reply was:

I’m worried about a bunch of things. Not worried on Scarlett’s behalf. But I’m worried about small movies getting the opportunity to be seen in theaters. That was already a thing pre-COVID. I like going to the movies and I don’t necessarily want to see only an Oscar contender or a blockbuster. I would like to see art films and art house theaters. And so I do worry about that, and people having to keep these theaters alive. And I don’t know how financially that works for these theaters. I do hope that there’s some sort of solution that the larger companies are coming together to keep, at least in L.A. this is going to happen. But I do think it’s going to be how it kind of used to be when studios owned theaters. And I have a feeling that we might go back to that being the only way to keep them alive with such expensive real estate. But when it comes to actors and their earnings, I mean, that’s just, that’s just all contracts. So it’s either in the contract or it’s not. What about you? Are you worried about Scarlett?

Elizabeth Olsen: A Vote of Confidence for Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow smiling in image from Black Widow.
I think this gets Black Widow’s vote.

Basically, you can say that Elizabeth Olsen gave a vote of confidence for Scarlett Johansson. At the same time, it’s also a vote of no confidence in Disney. She’s certain that Johansson will win her lawsuit, and thus has no confidence in a Disney victory. To cap it all off, Olsen adds that when she heard about the lawsuit:

I think she’s so tough and literally when I read that I was like, “good for you Scarlett.”

While Elizabeth Olsen appears to have no intention to join in on the lawsuit, at least a vote of confidence is something.


Elizabeth Olsen, aka. Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, is giving a thumbs-up for Scarlett Johansson and her ongoing lawsuit against Disney in Vanity Fair. She has zero plans to join in on the lawsuit though. But hey, moral support is better than none. Especially public moral support like this against a company like Disney. With how vindictive Disney is, it’s no small thing. Let’s hope this doesn’t come back to bite Olsen in a future Marvel film. Or even a Marvel Disney+ series. We already know what the odds of a Black Widow 2 are right now.

Source: Vanity Fair