What ghouls and ghosts await inside Disney’s Haunted Mansion? Well, if you’ve ever experienced the theme park ride… a lot of those!

The upcoming Haunted Mansion film will transform the beloved Disney Parks ride into a feature film. (For the second time. It already graced the big screen in the 2003 flick starring Eddie Murphy.) 

Recent reports announced Disney had its eyes on Tiffany Haddish and LaKeith Stanfield to play the film’s leads. But a new casting call has given us the spooky insight into what haunts await for those who dare enter the mansion.

So, here it is – all the spooks and specters you can expect to pop in at the new Haunted Mansion.

Practical Ghosts

Casting for the following ghosts describes the roles as appearing throughout the film, but in a non-scripted capacity. They will also appear in wall portraits.

William Gracey + Gracey’s Wife: A wealthy Creole couple in their early 30s, the Graceys are free people of color from 19th century New Orleans.

The Mariner: An older, weathered 19th century sailor. Gruff on the outside, but with a winning smile and an underlying warmth to him.

The Butler: Another Victorian era older gentleman, serving as the butler to a wealthy family. He’s described as a thin man with hollow eyes.

The Bride: A 30-something Victorian woman who’s gained a reputation for beheading her husbands a few times. (Okay, five times…)

Dueling Ghost: Pretty self-explanatory – a 19th century male ghost who participates in a duel. This one has a fairly open age range, with potential casting running from 30s-60s.

Talking Heads

Casting for the following roles specified they will take up the mantle of “talking portrait,” including a motion capture performance to be translated digitally. These come directly from the Disney ride, so you may have spotted their portraits before!

Woman with Rose: An older woman who may have played a part in her recent widowing…

Man in Dynamite Suit: An older bearded man preparing to take a formal picture… but he doesn’t realize the flash of light will be a bit more intense than expected.

Quicksand Man: Another one that’s pretty self-explanatory – a guy sinking in quicksand.

The Ballerina: A young and nimble dancer, anxious as she balances perilously above a creature below…

So, did your favorite spirits from the Haunted Mansion ride make the cut? Let us know in the comments whose lore you’re hoping the new movie explores.

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