Anyone remember that episode in Adventure Time where the Ice King made everyone listen to his fanfic about a gender-swapped Finn and Jake as Fionna and Cake? Well, that episode got such good reviews that now HBO Max is ordering an entire series based off of it.

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake preview art from HBO Max.
Genderswaps! Gender-swapping everywhere!

HBO Max officially announces that they have ordered Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake as a new animated series. This series will last for 10 episodes, with each episode about a half-hour long. Cartoon Network Studios will produce this new series. Meanwhile, Adam Muto will serve as this series’ showrunner and executive producer. Muto served as the showrunner and executive producer for Adventure Time too from the middle of season 5 onwards when the original creator, Pendleton Ward, stepped down; so Muto knows what he’s doing.

Unfortunately, that’s it as far as concrete info about Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake is concerned. We have no information about when we will get to see this new series. We don’t even know if the original voice actors and actresses will return to reprise their roles. I guess we will just have to wait for word from HBO Max to find out more info about this series later.

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake ~ Details?

Surreal comedy, much?

We do have an official synopsis about Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake from HBO Max though. It’s short, but it does tease you about the plot. It reads:

Fionna and Cake – with the help of the former Ice King, Simon Petrikov – embark on a multiverse-hopping adventure and journey of self-discovery. All the while a powerful new antagonist determined to track them down and erase them from existence, lurks in the shadows.


HBO Max have ordered Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake as a new animated series. This sequel/spin-off from the original series will star the titular Fionna and Cake, along with the ex-Ice King, in a brand new adventure worthy of the title. We don’t have any idea when this new series will release though. Tune in later for more news from HBO Max as this story develops.

Source: WarnerMedia Pressroom