In the mood to take a visit out to the mountains? You’re gonna need an AirBNB to stay in. The new film Superhost follows two YouTube travel vloggers Teddy (played by Osric Chau) and Claire (played by Sara Canning) who have the experience of a lifetime. They film and share their reviews of various vacation homes on the internet. They meet a vacation host named Rebecca (played by Gracie Gillam) and they realize that something is very off about her. Their content turns to all things Rebecca and they uncover a horrible truth about her. It’s written and directed by Brandon Christensen (Z, Still/Born). The film releases on Shudder this September 2nd, 2021. The film also stars horror legend Barbara Crampton (Jakob’s Wife, Re-Animator, From Beyond).

Craig Engler, General Manager of Shudder had this to say:

Led by Gracie Gillam’s unshackled and wildly fun performance, Superhost is an unexpected, darkly humorous new terror from Brandon Christensen. Following Still/Born and Z, we’re thrilled Brandon remains in the Shudder family, and are eagerly anticipating creeping out our members’ long weekends.

Superhost looks like a fantastic part of the found-footage/slasher genre like Creep and other films.

So, what do you think of Superhost?

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