Gina Carano had a hell of a 2020. She starred in The Mandalorian season two and also lost her job on that show. Because of her political statements and inability to tone down her social media posts about said politics, she was fired from the show. Since that firing,, she hasn’t made many waves, now it appears that’s changing. According to Deadline, she’s signed on to star in a revenge thriller from The Hitcher and Near Dark author Eric Red.

In the story, she hires a long-haul trucker to help track down an infamous serial killer. The film doesn’t have a title at the moment, but it’s based on the novel White Knuckle. It follows a “strong-willed woman who survives an attempt by a serial killer-trucker, ‘White Knuckle'”. She partners with another trucker to try to hunt him down.

It’s supposed to be in the same vein as Duel, True Grit, and Breakdown. Except those are all good movies.

Gina Carano is producing and starring in the film and begins filming in October. It comes from conservative media company The Daily Wire, and it’s their first project in a new push for movies and TV. We’ll have to see if they put any sort of spin on their films or just stick to distribution. Carano was sacked from The Mandalorian for comparing the treatment of Conservatives to the Holocaust among other horrendous things.

We’ll have to see how the film turns out when it releases. They’re shooting for releasing it exclusively to The Daily Wire subscribers in the US, because of course. So this one is already looking promising.

What do you think of Gina Carano’s latest move?

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Source: Deadline