Representation, culture, authenticity- these describe the 11x Tag Team champions Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods, Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston & Mr. Money in the Bank Big E (Langston for the real ones). It also sums up the well crafted BOOM! Studios The New Day: Power of Positivity written by Austin Walker & Evan Narcisse.

The New Day: Power of Positivity is a 2 issue series that tells the tale of the formation of The New Day. Their fight to not only be themselves but to “Get over” with the fans and the “Final boss version” of Triple H by being themselves. Talking with Austin & Evan, they spoke about how they didn’t want to just write word for word what we already saw by playing in real life and how it was to capture the trios’ voice. 

The Power Of The New Day

Now, I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was 7 years old and as a black man, there weren’t a lot of options as black wrestlers I could relate to. I mean, Slick is basically a black pimp that managed “Hakeem The African Dream”; AKA a white guy dressed in African garb that “jived” down to the ring. But today, Evan talks about how we have The New Day.

To be completely honest, the interview I did with Austin & Evan felt like a barbershop conversation with the boys. Also, an Austin Creed appreciation conversation. 

The New Day were the first wrestlers I truly saw myself in when I seen them on screen. This comic is exactly that. It’s about the story of dreamers turning every obstacle thrown in front of them into challenges that teaches you more about life, yourself and your strength to overcome.

Make sure you check out The New Day: Power of Positivity #1 out now and #2 out August 7th. 

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