If you’re looking for the sleeper movie of the Summer, Swan Song might be it. It stars Udo Kier as Pat Pitsenbarger, a retired hairdresser in Sandusky, Ohio, who’s called back for one more job. He has to style his most prolific client’s hair for her funeral. What follows is a journey across town that feels like one across an entire country. You see every side to Sandusky and over the course of the film, it’s shown just how much reach Pat has in his life.

The dreamy, almost surreal tone and look to the film was almost not a thing though. According to director Todd Stephens, the pandemic gave them more time to edit the film and add in the dreamy sections and look to the film. In my review, which you can read below, that was a large portion of the film to me. It added a quality to the proceedings that made the film stand out from the normal “road” movie. So there are some silver linings to this whole global pandemic.

Overall the film gives a terrific look into a subsection of the population that really doesn’t have that much representation. The older LGBTQ crowd gets relegated to comedic relief a lot of the time, and this film shows that there are plenty of stories out there to tell about them.

Swan Song releases on Digital and On Demand this Friday, August 13th, 2021. So make sure to give it a watch.

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