And so it begins. The first episode of the two part finale dropped on Disney+. This episode really felt like a finale in a lot of ways. With the recent confirmation of Season 2 dropping next year, we do not need every single loose end tied up, but this episode ended a lot of threads. In Episode 14, it felt like the squad had to decide who they wanted to become. Would they work towards retirement and farm some back water planet like Hunter hoped? Would they keep working the odd jobs for Sid to survive? Or would they step up and help a friend, possibly keeping them in the war for the foreseeable future? I think Bad Batch Finale 1 answered at least part of that question ; We are – family.

The squad going after Hunter was a no brainer, but it’s the events surrounding his rescue that defines this squad. As they repair the ship to go after Hunter, Omega’s worry and desperation almost drown out everything else. There can be little doubt at this point that Hunter and Omega are Father/Daughter now. I really love the job Michelle Ang does with the role. At times Omega gets a bit whiny, and the high pitch in her voice can rub the wrong way at times, but this episode really let her shine. It comes not only from the worry about Hunter, but the scene underwater as well. When Omega answers how she knew about the underwater tube, a haunted, almost pained tone. It gave me chills. The scene at the end when she hugs Hunter was also adorable.

Additions To the Family

Of course every family needs to grow a bit, and the squad picked up a much needed member this episode. After all, what is Star Wars without a droid? AZI-34521189 blah blah blah (AZI-3) pops out of a corner and instantly fits into group. Not only does AZI-3 help Omega later in the episode, but this little droid is quickly becoming the R2-D2 of the Clone story! This is the same droid that helped 5’s with his inhibitor chip way back in season 5 of the Clone Wars. The little guy keeps popping up to help the hero of the hour, but it looks like AZI finally found a home. The squad gets plenty of humor out of Wrecker, but AZI’s humor is slightly different and I think will add greatly to the depth of the show going forward. I love how effortlessly he folds into the group when we get the trademark “group running” scene.

Then we have the other side of family, the darker side. Many families have that one relative people do not like to talk about. In this case that would be Crosshair. HIs voice comes across so dark and sinister, how can there be any good in this Gundark? I have to be honest, half way through this episode I found myself really hoping they kill him. He is one of those villains you just love to hate. After the final events on Kamino, though, I find myself still trying to figure out how Poodoo’d he really is. What is his problem and what the hell is he doing?

Bad Batch Finale – The Scrambled Mind of Crosshair

I went into this episode thinking Crosshair represents the first villain. Sure the Empire nips at the squad’s heels, but they never come across as a major enemy to the squad, more an inconvenient truth. After this episode I lack words for Crosshair. He comes across a bigger ass than before; However, he lacks the inferred problem and motivation that dogged him this first season.

To this point, Hunter (and Viewers) made the assumption Crosshair betrayed the squad because of the inhibitor chip. Now we find he had it taken out long ago! Exactly when remains unclear, but I double checked. In episode 1, Crosshair has hair and no scar, so the chip was present when the show started. In fact after some searching, Episode 11 is the first time Crosshair is bald and has the scar, so he is naturally a jerk.

Crosshair sets the trap, lures his brothers in, and either shoots them or turns them over to the Empire. No. No? What do you mean no?! He shoots the Stormtroopers!? What the heck! I did not see that coming. Tech did, though. He saw the blast reflectors Crosshair uses to bank his shots. Instead of a battle of enemies, we get a plea to remake the group, albeit under Imperial control, and become one again. So is Crosshair evil or not? I still wish Hunter shot him with a blaster bolt instead of a stun ray, but things are now as confusing as ever.

Bad Batch Finale – Reclaimed Family; Lost Family

We know the Empire is preparing to destroy the cloning facility. The clones know this as well. Crosshair lays unconscious on the floor. They need to go, but what do they do with him? Leave him to die? Nope. Family does not abandon family. Hunter takes him with them, but where does that lead us? So many things were wrapped up in this episode, but this thread only became more frayed. Crosshair loves the group. We saw this and heard it in his pleas, but he doesn’t fit the new family dynamic. Without the excuse of the chip, how will they bring him into the fold?

Then lastly a family member dies. You may be asking yourself, what family member? Kamino. I absolutely love the way this episode handled the destruction of the cloning facility. The panning of the empty halls, the deserted tables where we watched the clones eat way back in Attack of the Clones, and so many sentimental shots. Even the way the Empire opened fire on the city made it feel like a major character was being executed. In so many ways this closed the book on a major Star Wars saga that has been taking place over the past 19 years! The last vestiges of the Clone Wars have been swept away. Speaking of which, this episode also hinted heavily that the last scene we saw Lama Su last episode was indeed his final moment. Lama Su is dead.

Well, we have one more episode to go. In so many ways this episode felt like a final finale. The threads, other than Crosshair, have all been wrapped up. Crosshair I do not know how they come to a conclusion with him in only one episode. I’d hazard a guess that they fall out once more and he leaves the group for good. We shall see next week when Bad Batch season 1 wraps up.

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