Magic #4 left us off with a tease of who was actually behind all the conspiracy and death on Ravnica. This issue takes us around the Multiverse trying to find someone with answers. In almost a greatest hits of the past couple years of Magic: the Gathering sets, we visit places we all know and love. Some still vibrant and beautiful, and others filled with death. Ral, Kaya, and Vraska are on the search for one of the oldest planeswalkers ever, but who?

This issue isn’t very long on the action, you do get a great scene of Ral Zarek blowing up a group of werewolves on Innistrad, but other than that, it’s mostly story. There’s also plenty of character development for some. Vraska gets fleshed out even more with just a couple panels and lines of dialogue. Her contempt for Niv-Mizzet is on full display. This was an issue for people out there who might have forgotten a bit about these characters. They’re still among the most powerful people in the Multiverse and they show it here.

As for the other characters, it’s nice to see people like Teferi show up and not be the star of the show. The story of the set Dominaria centered around him, but he’s more of a mentor to our three main characters this time around. This greatest hits leads us to the first bit of unraveling of the mystery of the whole series: who’s behind all of it?

Overall this was a great issue that sets up the story really well going forward. I can’t wait to see where the story goes after our revelation at the end of this issue.

Spoiler Alert: Read Magic #5 Before Continuing

So we find out that our planeswalker we’ve been searching for is none other than Jaya Ballard. One of the oldest beings in the Multiverse and a powerful Magic user. The God that they’re looking for isn’t Nicol Bolas. It’s Marit Lage. A god, stuck in the ice, that sure changes the expression of Ballard. That’s where we’re left off.

It’s quite a powerful panel that really shows how powerful and deep this whole series goes. Marit Lage is one of the most fearsome and powerful beings in the history of Magic. I’m incredibly glad that the writers didn’t go the lazy route and just make this another Nicol Bolas story. Instead we’re getting something from a character in Magic we haven’t seen or heard from in a long time.

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