We all know that Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over Black Widow by now. However, there may be one specific individual at Disney who was responsible for the whole thing getting to this point in the first place.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek.
The man behind the lawsuit?

On August 2, 2021; The Wrap released a report that may provide a culprit for the whole ordeal: Disney CEO Bob Chapek. To give you some background information: Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for releasing Black Widow simultaneously in both theaters and Disney+. Much of Johansson’s income was tied to the film’s box office performance. Johansson’s lawsuit asserts that Disney refused to renegotiate that deal after they had already decided on that simultaneous release. Thus, they basically left her out high and dry.

According to that report from The Wrap, that failure to renegotiate Scarlett Johansson’s deal is Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s fault. “Multiple insiders” claim that Chapek’s inexperience in handling talent resulted in this situation. One of those insiders even claimed that “he didn’t think it would blow up in his face”. In short: if there is anyone to blame, it’s Chapek.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek: A Vote of No Confidence Again?

Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh in Black Widow.
Sounds like Bob Chapek let these ones get away from him.

That last Disney insider quote is particularly significant. It seems to suggest that Bob Chapek either knowingly tried to screw Scarlett Johansson over for her income from Black Widow, or assumed that refusal to renegotiate Johansson’s contract was a minor issue that did not deserve his attention. Either way, it looks really bad for him. This is just speculation, mind you. Take it with a grain of salt.

Although, there is some evidence for Bob Chapek’s behavior. Gene Del Vecchio, an adjunct professor at the USC Marshall School of Business, noted that there is a huge difference between Bob Chapek and former CEO Bob Iger in how they dealt with talent. His exact words were:

Bob Iger was named CEO in 2005 not only due to his business acumen, but for his mastery of developing and keeping relationships that he had honed for dozens of years working with temperamental, high-profile stars. Disney’s acquisition and management of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucas are testimony to his ability. Chapek’s previous experience with Disney Consumer Products, Parks and Resorts did not demand the same level of star-charged interaction.

If you don’t believe me, then believe an expert in the field. Apparently, a lack of social skills is Bob Chapek’s problem. The moral of the story here is: talk to people more often.


Scarlett Johansson may have had to sue Disney over Black Widow‘s simultaneous theaters and Disney+ release due to Disney CEO Bob Chapek. Specifically, due to Chapek’s lack of people skills compared to the previous CEO. No amount of business acumen will compensate for poor social skills. Let that be a lesson to businesspeople out there.

Source: The Wrap