For the first time, the Razer Blade 14 RTX 3060 model is available outside of Razer. The award-winning laptop, juiced with the power of an RTX 3060 is available at This marks the first time this configuration of the laptop is available at another retailer. Powered by the AMD Ryzen 5900HX, it retails for $1799 and is available right now.

We’ve previously written about the Razer Blade family of computers here: Razer Blade.

This is the most powerful 14-inch gaming laptop on the market. It contains: 8 cores, 4.6GHz max boost, vapor chamber cooling, the previously mentioned RTX 3060, and much more. For a gaming laptop, it’s incredibly thin as well. Measuring in at .66 inches or 16.8mm. The battery life is also excellent for a laptop this powerful coming in at up to 12 hours of life.

This laptop contains more power than some desktops out there. So whether it’s for gaming, editing, or other processing, this laptop is the one for your needs.

Grab one today from Razer or Bestbuy.

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