It’s usually San Diego Comic-Con Weekend this time of year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re getting the @Home version. That doesn’t mean we can’t have some exclusives and amazing merch from the event. Nuclear Blast Records has gone all out with their offerings this year from tons of great artists, check out the highlights below.

Go here, for all the Comic-Con@Home exclusives from Nuclear Blast!

Iron Maiden

Legacy Of The Beast Eddie (Number Of The Beast) Figure

This is a different color scheme and variant of the other Number of the Beast figure in this line. So for collectors, this is the one you want. You’ve got Eddie controlling the Devil, and a nice looking base. A must-have for Iron Maiden fans.

“2 Minutes To Midnight” Exclusive Art Print By Zombie Yeti

Another must-have for Iron Maiden fans. This beautiful print from artist Zombie Yeti is limited to 100 numbered items and that’s it. So, go grab this one when you see it!

Rob Zombie

“The Lunar Injection…” Green & Mustard Swirl W/ White Splatter Vinyl

This one is limited to 1000 worldwide. For fans of Rob Zombie this vinyl looks absolutely breathtaking. So grab this one before the weekend is up. It’s also on sale right now, so get it for that discount.

Nightwish “Human :||: Nature” Orange Swirl Vinyl

This one is limited to 1500, and it’s another stunner of a vinyl.

Slayer Repentless 6.66 inch Black Vinyl

The limited edition boxset for Slayer’s album Repentless comes in jet black vinyl at 6.66 inches. Also includes a 16 page booklet in a deluxe box. Grab this one on sale and lie that you paid $66.66.

Nuclear Blast

Gathered At The Altar Of Blast 7-Inch Vinyl Box-Set

This is a Nuclear Blast fan’s dream set right here. Limited to 1000 copies, this comes with:

  • 3 7-inch picture discs
  • cassette, foldout poster
  • metal pin on card back
  • woven patch
  • die-cut outerbox. Artwork by Dan Seagrave.
Vinyl Tracklisting:
Side A – Municipal Waste “Dead End”
Side B – Exodus “Crime Of The Century”
Side C – Immolation feat. Max Cavalera “Morbid Visions” (Sepultura Cover)
Side D – Possessed “Shadowcult” (Demo)
Side E – Kataklysm “The Awakener MMXVII”
Side F – Corrosion Of Conformity “On The Hunt” (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)
Cassette Tracklisting:
Side A
1. Municipal Waste “Dead End”
2. Exodus “Crime Of The Century
3. Immolation feat. Max Cavalera “Morbid Visions” (Sepultura Cover)
Side B
1. Possessed “Shadowcult” (Demo)
2. Kataklysm “The Awakener MMXVII”
3. Corrosion Of Conformity “On The Hunt” (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)

Blast Beast Full-Color Resin Statue

The Blast Beast comes in four colors, but the one you really want is the full color variant. This 9 inch behemoth celebrates the new mascot for Nuclear Blast Records. It was designed by Zombie Yeti and Stern Pinball. The full color variant is limited to 150 pieces!

For more on Nuclear Blast Records, make sure to check back to That Hashtag Show.