There’s new monkey business going on at the world famous Jungle Cruise at Disneyland! That’s right – in conjunction with the new film, Disney has decided to overhaul the classic ride at its theme parks. The project is a bicoastal upgrade at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The changes will first occur at the California park, with the revamp in Florida Florida happening later this summer. This will be the first time that Walt Disney Imagineering is “reimagining” changes across the parks at the same time. Thankfully, it is already open at Disneyland!

Jungle Cruise: expanded storyline, new magic

The attraction is located in the Adventureland section at both Disney theme parks. The project has been undergoing these changes for the past several months. For starters, the story is getting an update. A new owner has taken over the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd, Alberta Falls. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Albert Falls, based on the SEAS lore. Imagineering has now enhanced and expanded Alberta’s backstory. The challenging task was to stay true towards the beloved attraction while adding even more Disney magic to it.

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Here’s what to expect with the Jungle Cruise changes:

  • Chimpanzees have taken over the expedition’s wrecked boat;
  • A safari of explorers from around the world finds itself up a tree after the journey goes awry;
  • A Lost & Found location now transformed into a Gift Shop run by Alberta’s longtime friend, Trader Sam;
  • Jungle Cruise Safari Camp is a former camp overrun by “explosively” curious gorilla; and
  • We won’t spoil it all, but there is much more that guests can discover.
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Jungle Cruise Easter eggs and Details

The new take on the Jungle Cruise will have it all. Kim Irvine, Executive Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering, explained more: There will be a ton of Easter eggs from the new film adaptation coming to Disney+ and Premier Access on July 28th.

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Here’s what she had to say, according to Laughing Place:

“The Rock and Emily Blunt’s jackets from the Jungle Cruise film are in the queue. There are also a lot of new Easter Eggs referring to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.” “Most of the Easter Eggs having to do with the Jungle Cruise film are in the boathouse queue. We had a hard time working them into the attraction itself.”

Kim Irvine, Walt Disney Imagineering

Foodie Extras

Fellow foodie fans will be in for a delicious treat, The “Pineapple Split” (while supplies last) . It’s now being served up at the Tropical Hideaway. It comes in a souvenir container looking similar to the Jungle Cruise boat, complete with with a red-and-white striped canopy. The ingredients include:

  • DOLE Whip;
  • Blueberries;
  • Strawberries;
  • Mandarin Oranges;
  • Coconut-caramel sauce;
  • Crushed Plantains;
  • Dried Hibiscus; and
  • Toasted Coconut.
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What do you guys think of the new changes for this beloved attraction? Will you visit it at either Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Leave it down in the comments section below!

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Source: Laughing Place