This week from DC Comics we get was is perhaps one of the best series in the DC world right now. Catwoman 33 continues not only the build up to the Future State Gotham, but does a great job pulling from all of Gotham lore. What they are doing with Catwoman’s character is crazy good as is those around her. This issue really gets the ball rolling. The pieces have been set and it’s time for the war to begin!

Many of you might recognize the origins of the title I used above. In Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan is excited because the use of the clones proved a rousing success. He seems almost happy and energetic at what the future may hold. Master Yoda, on the other hand, sees it for what it is. Evil has taken hold and a great war is about to begin. As I finished this issue, Selina Kyle acts very similar to Master Yoda. While those around her love what they continue to accomplish, Selina feels the weight of the situation. War has begun in Alleytown and she just dragged in the very kids she fought to protect.


I generally save my cover2cover section to talk about artwork and covers for newer comics, but dear god! The two main covers for this issue are incredible! The main cover by Yanick Paquette is graphic, subtle, tantalizing, dangerous, and shows the intricacies of the relationship between Valley and Selina. By looking at just the top half you see the blood, anger and violence. Valley holds Catwoman with a knife to her throat, while Catwoman’s free hand stretches back to claw Valley to pieces. She rages. Valley smirks sadistically. Yet when you drop down, their hands are clasped as if they are dance partners. It has been a complicated dance between these two so far, and it’s a dance that is about to reach its climax.

The B cover by Jenny Frison is an absolutely gorgeous cover with Ivy and Catwoman as they smell roses. I’ve popped up a couple issues back when Selina rescued her, but since she really has not factored into the story. This cover, however, looks exquisite. It really does not cover anything in the story (yet), but this would make a beautiful wall poster.

The Trouble With Success (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Selina started out with one simple goal. She wanted to take her home district of Alleytown and clean it up. It was always a slum, but kids didn’t have to worry about guns and drugs and crime bosses like they did in present day Gotham. Selina succeeded. She drove out the dangerous criminals and made it safer for the street kids. That is until Simon Saint and Mayor Nagano began their full court press against Crime, vigilantes and anyone else they did not control. Now Alleytown stands upon the brink of war.

The Magistrate Program started attacking Alleytown, and now it burns with Selina at the top of the Most Wanted list. Despite the adversity, Leo and the Strays seem to have made the most of opportunities. They, with some help, set up an off the grid network to communicate and access the web. The new digs look amazing, but Selina is still reeling from the near death of Leo. The Strays see progress. Selina only sees the war coming and is scared to death of what these kids will face. This is not what she wanted for these kids, but Selina and the Strays may not be as alone as she thinks.

Catwoman 33 – Line Up the Cameos…and Him

The entire Gotham Line up of comics right now is doing an amazing job drawing from the entire roster of heroes and villains. Pretty much anyone who is anyone on either side of the law is finding a place in one of the Gotham titles. Catwoman is no different. Selina is trying to build a better world for the Alleytown kids, and her efforts are not going unnoticed. She rescued Ivy and gave her another chance at life. Now others begin to rally to Selena’s cause, hoping for a better tomorrow.

Then we have Detective Hadley. His association and communication with Catwoman has grounded him to desk duty, and oh how he hates it; However, images of teh blown church come in and investigators put together Father Valley and his actions. Hadley knows he’s after Selena and defies orders to warn her.

Remember back a couple of issues when a man in a trench coat and fedora helped Selena out? He gave her some cryptic advice and vanished. I swore he could have been Bruce Wayne the way he disappeared, but knowing that was unlikely I knew he withheld an important identity. Now we find out it was none other than Clayface. Now going by the name Basil Carlo, he talks to how Selena giving these kids a second chance has become an inspiration to others seeking a second chance. Basil reveals he came with Croc, Knockout, Firefly, and Cheshire. They, too, seek a second chance and hope Selena will help them. If she does, they will help Selena in return. Together this new crew begins to set up a network to help Alleytown break the siege….then HE shows up.

Catwoman 33 – Round 1, FIGHT!

When the meeting place blows up as Croc, Basil and Catwoman leave, it looked very much like the blast took out Croc and Basil, leaving Catwoman all alone. Who should walk out of the fire than Father Valley himself! It seems the time is at hand to end the Catwoman. Selena looks more than ready to oblige him and fight this fight once and for all. Now in the DC world, Selena Kyle ranks among the very best of fighters. Her skills are elite, and she can go toe-to-toe with the best of them. Father Valley kicks the shit out of her in no time flat. I really think there should have been more to this fight, and Selena shoudl have faired better, but then again Valley is no slouch.

For those who do not know, the Order of Saint Dumas trains some of the best fighters in the world. Jean Paul Valley went head on against Bruce Wayne and whipped bad guys left and right. Valley quickly stabs Selena twice in the gut and takes the advantage in the fight. Thankfully both Croc and Basil survived the blast and give Selena the time she needs to escape.

This scene also shows how well prepared Valley is for anything. He stabs Basil repeatedly with his knife, but that tactic doesn’t work well against walking clay. Valley quickly grabs one of his grenades and shoves it into Clayface’s body. The resulting blast will leave Clayface trying to pull himself back together for days.

Catwoman 33 – He’s BACK!!

Selena is wounded badly. She may bleed out if not tended too soon, and sinking to the bottom of Gotham Harbor isn’t helping her situation. I wondered if her bleeding form sinking into the abyss was where they would leave us until next issue, but no. They had to add that last page. They had to add that one last panel of not only Selena sinking, but none other than BATMAN coming to the rescue! He’s back!!

The two are supposed to be taking a year long break from each other to sort out their feelings and futures. We know in Future State they seem to still be estranged, but when the need is most dire, it is only fitting that Selena’s love show up to rescue her. I cannot wait to see how this all plays out in the next few issues.

I really think Catwoman is hitting on all cylinders right now. The story it is telling and the characters it continues to pull in are incredible. The story is fresh, inspiring and continues to push our favorite feline heroine to her limits. What did you think of Catwoman 33? Drop by DC Fanatics on Facebook and drop us a line, letting us know what you thought.