Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk here. I’m about to drop some knowledge on some exciting stuff going on in the film and TV world. Last week we shared with you that Disney is re-visiting Heroes For Hire; we’re talking about Ms. Marvel and her upcoming Disney+ series.

As many know, in the comics Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman, and many expected that this would be adapted in the new Disney+ series.


How Ms. Marvel Gets Her Powers And Who She’s Fighting

We can exclusively share that for the Disney+ series, Marvel is changing up Kamala Khan’s story. In this new series, she’ll be blasted by a bolt of energy and this will give her some magical powers. That’s right, Ms. Marvel will technically be a magic user. Her abilities are more or less going to be the same, but this time stemming from magic, and not Terrigen or Inhuman based technology. Kamala will be blasted by a bolt of energy from the bracelets she wears and those will give her powers. It’s unclear if the bracelets need to be always worn for her to have powers, or if it’s a one time providing of powers.

This makes sense considering studio head Kevin Feige has no real love for Inhumans. Between his feud with Ike Purlmutter, the (then convoluted) X-Men rights, and the failure that was the Inhumans series; it makes sense that Feige would want to avoid adapting the Inhumans again or introduce any elements of their universe.

We can also exclusively share that the villain will be Kamran. In the comics he is a friend of Kamala and a morally corrupted Inhuman. Like Kamala, he will not be an Inhuman, but will be wanting the bracelets that Kamala have. Which is not a confirmation but indicates to me that the bracelets are the source of her powers if they’re something he is pursuing.

What do you think of this change? Would you prefer she remain an Inhuman like in the comics?

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