Comic-Con@Home 2021 has a new panel for us today, thanks to WarnerMedia Kids & Family. Plus HBO Max and Cartoon Network too.

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Such a bland logo.

WarnerMedia Kids & Family proudly announced on July 8, 2021 their virtual panels for the equally as virtual Comic-Con@Home 2021. Specifically, the panels will consist of exclusive content and sneak peeks at shows from HBO Max and Cartoon Network. The panels themselves will take place on July 23 and July 24, 2021. So you have plenty of time to prepare for them. The panels will be available to watch on San Diego Comic-Con’ YouTube channel here.

WarnerMedia Kids & Family Comic-Con@Home 2021: Details

HBO Max streaming Cartoon Network.
Even more nostalgia for people growing up in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

First off for WarnerMedia Kids & Family (plus HBO Max and Cartoon Network Studios), we have Adventure Time: Distant Lands on Friday, July 23, 2021 at 12 PM. This panel will involve the executive producer and the voice actors of Jake (John DiMaggio), Pep (Mace Montgomery Miskel), and Dr. Caledonius (Toks Olagundoye) as they do a behind the scenes special of the recent special “Together Again”. There will also be a sneak peek of the upcoming “Wizard City” special at the very end.

What’s with the nightmarish creatures in a kid’s show?

Next for WarnerMedia Kids & Family (plus HBO Max and Warner Bros. Animation), we have Looney Tunes Cartoons. This will take place on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 10:00 AM. This panel will feature Eric Bauza (voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Marvin the Martian) and assorted staff as they discuss what’s going to happen to our loony heroes next.

Huh, this certainly feels nostalgic.

Third on the list from WarnerMedia Kids & Family (plus HBO Max and Warner Bros. Animation again) is Jellystone!. This will also take place on Saturday, July 24, 2021, but at 1:00 PM. This will be a sneak peek at the upcoming new show, starring Hanna-Barbera characters in this bizarre slice of life comedy show. In addition to the supervising director, the voices of Yogi Bear (Jeff Bergman), Cindy Bear (Grace Helbig), and Jabberjaw (Niccole Thurman) will join the audience for this panel.

Looks like a downgraded Hanna-Barbera cartoon to me.

Finally for WarnerMedia Kids & Family (plus Cartoon Network Studios), we have Craig of the Creek. This will, again, take place on Saturday, July 24, 2021, but at 2:00 PM. This panel will feature a behind the scenes look at the show, in addition to a sneak peek at season 4. Joining the audience will be a whole bunch of production staff, plus the voice of Craig (Philip Solomon) himself.

Hmm, reminds me of Recess for some reason.


WarnerMedia Kids & Family has got a bunch of panels for us for Comic-Con@Home 2021. All of them feature exclusive content from HBO Max and Cartoon Network. This might be the perfect panel to watch with your kids, or maybe if you yourself want to relive your childhood.

Source: WarnerMedia Kids & Family