How would the metal world have changed if Adrian Smith joined Def Leppard in the 90’s? According to Rick Allen in an interview with Eon Music, it was something that almost happened. After Steve Clark‘s untimely death in 1991, Def Leppard was without a guitarist. Clark left a huge void in Def Leppard that was ultimately filled by Vivian Campbell. If you remember back, Adrian Smith left Iron Maiden in 1990 after preliminary sessions for their album No Prayer For The Dying.

Rick Allen had this to say after the interviewer asked about Smith in Def Leppard:

Yeah, I actually really loved the idea. I mean, there was a kid called Huwey Lucas that was a contender – there was John Sykes, there were all these people kind of lined up.

I loved the idea. It’s interesting, you put somebody in a slightly different situation and new things are revealed about them, and it was cool.

It was a compliment that he was so into it. But I think ultimately, I think Vivian was the absolutely perfect choice.

Smith went on to a successful solo career and then rejoined Iron Maiden in 1999 with Bruce Dickinson. It all turned out well, Def Leppard and Iron Maiden are still two of the biggest heavy metal bands out there. But the course of both band’s history could have been drastically changed.

At the end of it all, Smith and Campbell are both great choices for either band.

So, what do you think of this “could have been” choice for Def Leppard and Iron Maiden?

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Source: Eon Music