At long last, it looks like The Last of Us series has finally begun the long road to becoming a TV series. How do we know this? Well, let’s see:

Would you trust the actors/actresses themselves?

Gabriel Luna, who will play Tommy in The Last of Us HBO series, just posted this selfie on Twitter. The selfie includes not only Gabriel Luna himself (for obvious reasons), but also co-stars Pedro Pascal and Nico Parker, who will play Joel and Sarah respectively. The selfie also includes unnamed production staff in the background in and around the car, all wearing face masks. However, the important thing here is the text above the selfie. The text reads:

Pedro Pascal, Gabriel Luna and Nico Parker have begun filming HBO’s ‘THE LAST OF US’ series.

The source of the text is iamgabrielluna/IG. You can’t get much more direct than straight from the actor himself. So yeah, this news about the upcoming The Last of Us TV series is definitely real, and they have begun filming at long last.

The Last of Us: Soon?

Gabriel Luna's selfie on The Last of Us set.
A nice start, but unfortunately…

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the beginning. Yes, The Last of Us has just started filming. However, the key words here are “just started”. Filming for any TV series takes a while to complete. Heck, we don’t even know how long HBO plans for the series to last, so we can’t even give you an estimate as to when the filming will conclude. And even when they have concluded filming, there’s still postproduction and a whole bunch of other stuff they have to do with the film material to make it into a working TV series.

Ultimately, I’m saying that it will still be a while yet before we finally get to see a live-action Joel and Ellie running around on the TV screen. The fact that The Last of Us still doesn’t have a release date should also tell you that. Hopefully though, it will be worth the wait.


Gabriel Luna posted a selfie with him, Pedro Pascal, Nico Parker, and others revealing that they’ve just started filming for The Last of Us TV series. And that’s it. No details of when they will conclude filming, and not even a release date for the TV series as a whole. Hopefully, HBO will get around to telling us that one of these days.

Source: Twitter