Well, Ranger Nation looks like we were right on the money with our leak last week, Thanks Amazon! But no we have real images to of Lightning Collection Wave 10 to look at! We’re going to list them in chronological order

Zeo Ranger II Yellow

Tanya is looking fierce with her Power Clubs! If you caught the live stream you saw they were bendable. but that doesn’t mean they will be fully poseable. Her head sculpt looks so darn good! This is Tanya’s first figure but the last figure you’ll need to complete your Zeo Collection! (UNLESS you’re a completionist and need both Jason and Trey Gold Rangers)

The Phantom Ranger For Lightning Collection 10

Look at this figure! Although he is covered in 99% black paint. The sculptors took their time to add texture and shine to different parts of his suit to give him real character. Now we only learned a bit of his back story in Edge Of Darkness #1 he will not be coming with a head sculpt. Instead, we are getting 3 blast effects and a highly detailed Turbo Navigator that was teased before. We’re taking bets on how many Billy head swaps we will be seeing upon release!

Pink Space Ranger

Cassie Is going to round out your core In Space team! Looking spectacular with her Satellite Stunner! It comes with a brand new blast effect! One of which I’m happy the Hasbro took the time to make specifically for this figure! All we will need if Zhane in his standard Silver Ranger suit to finish the team!

Dino Fury Green Ranger

Riley joins the battle as the 4th Dino Fury Ranger! Like the other figures, he has that great 2 tones of green between his suit and textured arms. I’m really glad he comes with his Dino Saber as he was the team’s Swordsmen. The 2 big things they got right from this are the Head Sculpt and his Pointing hand! both Riley and his Sentai counterpart always posed after doing some sort of daring slash and it became his trademark thing!

Anything else to keep an EYE on?

Funny you should ask! Eyeguy is coming soon to keep an eye on all your puny rangers! With 2 different versions! his full eye body form and his massive eyestalk form! He even comes with 2 brand new blast effects just for this figure! One of the is interchangeable between both figures! Cheers again to Hasbro for keeping an EYE out on what we want and hitting the bullsEYE on this classic MMPR villain!

But WAIT! There’s MORE!

During todays livestream they announced the return of the Lightning Collection Dragon Dagger. Speaking of Return Hasbro is bringing back a classic Tiger Electronics MMPR game! Just remember to have adequate lightning when playing!

Finally we are also getting the Dino Fury Zords! with Zord Link Technology! The core rangers zords will come packed as

  • T-Rex Champoin Zord
  • Tricera Blade Zord & Stego Spike Zord 2- Pack
  • Tiger Claw Zord & Akylo Hammer Zord 2-Pack

We even got rendering previews of the Mosa Razor Zord and Ptrea Freeze Zord

Speaking of DIno Fury the 6 inch Green and Black Rangers are also coming early fall 2021 in addition to the villainous Void Knight! There will also be an upcoming 5 Ranger Amazon Exclusive pack coming too!

The Tease!

Yes we are starting to get teases of up coming figures! here is my guess as THS’s Ranger Guy

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro

MY GUESS it’s Ninjetti Rangers! There is nothing else in Ranger History that has that silhouette! and I’ll bet all my Power coins on that!

Thoughts from the Grid

As always I have to put my 2 Power Coins in! I’m glad we are finishing out teams that means we ca finally move on to other teams! I’m still wondering if we will ever get proper pod swords for Zeo or if I have to buy after market 3d prints, like my Zeo Tonfa. Covid aside I think its almost a little too late to get finally get the Dino Fury Zords on the market. Yes, they will be in time for the 2021 holiday season. But we should have had them as close to the TV premiere. same with the Black and Green Ranger Figures.

I also think they made a mistake with the Phantom Ranger. He is listed as an In Space character. Even though he was only in 3 episodes of In Space as opposed to 7 during Turbos run. Someone should have checked his IMDB and not used the last episode he was in.

As far as the Ninjetti Figures… Settle down Hasbro! We know the MMPR is your cash cow! You will not lose your fan base if you stray from the Zordon Era figures. Sprinkle them in, one every wave. I’ve gone over this before on other Fan Fridays you got us trust me you won’t lose us.

What did you think of the presentation for the Lightning Collection? Did you already do all your preorders? Let us know in the comments below!

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