Astroneer has got a major update this time for everyone. This one involves, guess what, planetary flight!

Because flying is always fun.

Astroneer is proud to officially announce their latest major update: the Jet-Powered Update. The update went live yesterday on June 22, 2021; so if you’re reading this now, you should have access to it by now. If not, check your Steam download section and see if there’s an update for this game waiting for you there. Either way, this update definitely won’t disappoint you.

Astroneer: Jet-Powered Update ~ Details

Astroneer Jet-Powered Update key art.
There’s a reason for the name.

While there’s a host of different improvements and changes to Astroneer in this Jet-Powered Update, there are 2 stars of the show here. The first is the VTOL aircraft. Yes, you heard that right: aircraft. This is, in fact, the first aircraft to appear in the game. As its name suggests, this aircraft can hover in place like a helicopter. This makes it useful both for examining the landscape from above in detail, but also for exploring the tight confines of caves. Not only that, but the VTOL also has 2 medium storage slots and 2 auxiliary small slots for you to store stuff on. All it takes is some hydrazine to fuel this thing, and you’re good to go. Oh, and you need an EXO chip, a Tungsten Carbide, and a Silicone to craft it, but let’s not sweat the small stuff.

VTOL aircraft in Astroneer.
Flying is just falling with style.

The second star of this Astroneer update is the Hoverboard. This is a one-man vehicle that allows you to glide uphill and down with ease. It doesn’t have any storage slots, but it’s good for scouting out planetary surfaces. All you need to craft it is a single EXO chip, which you can find inside the new EXO caches. You need dynamite to blow it open, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?

Hoverboard in Astroneer.
Getting Back to the Future flashbacks here.


Astroneer has a new major update for us in the form of the Jet-Powered Update. Now, you can not only surf planetary surfaces Marty McFly-style, but you can also soar through the skies in the first aircraft in the game. Excited? Try it out yourself in the game, or buy it if you’re interested.