This week from BOOM! Studios we get Seven Secrets 9. I did not have a chance to read the last issue and it feels like I missed the big one. I may not know what exactly happened, but this issue does a great job hinting and making mention of major events, so readers do not get too lost if they missed last issue. In Seven Secrets 9, it feels like both sides settle into a new norm. The war took place. Both sides lost major pieces and now they must both recoup and recover. This issue sets the tone going forward for how things will be.

Our Secret Keepers just had their butts handed to them. Too many unknowns were known by the enemy, which means a leak needs to be fixed. Ching thinks she knows a place where they can truly hide, be safe and regroup. While Ching sees to the transportation needs, Eva decides to interrogate one of the attackers. Sadly she quickly realizes he truly know nothing. He’s a hired thug no more.

After several transportation switches Ching comes through on her promise and leads the group to a hidden and long abandoned palace deep in the nowheres of France. The group settles in and rests, but before they move on Eva demands a new First Keeper be appointed. The group agrees and Eva quickly discovers it’s her. When one acts the leader, one should to be surprised when one is appointed to lead. One by one she learns all seven secrets from the holders….but we will come back to this part in a minute.

Do the Seeker Shuffle

While the Secret protectors rest, Seeker Headquarters also faces the post war music. This is the one place I really wish I had read the last couple issues. Amon returns to the council in defeat, but hardly unprepared. This issue does a good job setting up what happened in the field despite my not knowing. Someone sabotaged Amon’s plan and that led to the defeat. Amon knows this and exactly who to blame, for the most part. The guards try to keep him out – BIG mistake! He easily dispatches them and instructs the last one standing to find them aid. I love the artwork here, during the fight. It does a great job portraying the speed and motion of the fight.

Amon then busts into the council chambers and calmly lays out what happened. I love the way he does this. He stays absolutely cool and collected. He lays out both what happened and what needs to happen going forward. The fact these are supposed to be his superiors means nothing to him. Not only does this work well, it works extremely well! The council must have been divided originally because they sure split fast here. Those that opposed the subterfuge quickly rounded on those that did. Amon appoints himself leader with the full backing of those remaining. As ruthless as Amon was in previous issues, this display makes him even more fear-inspiring. He not only hates to lose, but refuses to let it happen again.

Seven Secrets 9 – Let Me Tell You a Secret

Going back to the Keepers, I really liked how creators drew out this scene. Each holder talks with Eva and tells them the secret in each case. Some of these secrets hurt the keeper while others may not have been to big a deal. However with the little we have seen of them in use, some must be extremely powerful. Some secrets could not be shown to her. I really want to know what they are!

Then we come down to the final secret. This secret may not be the biggest (not counting physically) or the baddest, but the implications are definitely the most profound. I went back and reread the issue afterwards. Did anyone else notice a big guy walking around with a plague mask resembling a crow? He’s there and now the writers tell us his secret, sorta – IT’S SIGURD! Wait! What?! Hasn’t he been dead for seven issues now?? Caspar’s father, Eva’s husband is still alive! Why did he stay hidden this whole time? Did he escape and we were not shown, or does his very existence bode ill? Could he be some sort of super being or god? You gotta love Eva’s response – What the actual @#$?! I guess we have to wait till next issue to find out…I hate waiting.