Star-crossed lovers and a long-standing blood feud… but this Romeo and Juliet-esque story gets a stylized mafia twist. Check out the trailer for Die In A Gunfight below.

The feature tells the story of the Gibbon and Rathcart families. Their feud has lasted centuries – but that won’t stop Ben Gibbon and Mary Rathcart from getting together. Unfortunately, their parents are less than thrilled with the idea, and start devising ways to keep the two of them apart, by any means necessary.

Die In A Gunfight stars Diego Boneta as Ben and Alexandra Daddario as Mary. The movie also stars Travis Fimmel, Billy Crudup, Justin Chatwin, Wade Allain-Marcus, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Nicola Correia-Damude, John Ralston, Michelle Nolden, Stuart Hughes, John Tench, and Nevin Pajkic. 

The Lionsgate movie comes from director Colin Schiffli, with a screenplay by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari.

“I’ve always been drawn to stories about star-crossed lovers,” Schiffli told Collider. “Gunfight was written with “larger than life” flair and attitude. My previous two movies were very grounded, gritty movies about love and felt I was ready to now explore it in a new light — amid a backdrop that was colorful, stylized and felt self-aware. Our hero characters aren’t experiencing a first-time romance, they are trying to reignite old flames and find their place within Gunfight’s grandiose world. I think that gives it a modern edge.”

Die In A Gunfight poster

Die In A Gunfight hits select theaters, digital and on-demand July 16.

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Source: Lionsgate