Magic from Boom! Studios has been a revelation. The series from writer Jed MacKay and illustrated by Ig Guara has been a pleasant surprise. Comics based on Magic: The Gathering left the cycle for awhile, but as we saw in Magic #1, they’re roaring back. If you missed out on that review, check it out here. This time around for Magic #3, we’re setting up the Dimir guild to be the big baddies behind the attack in the first issue. Ral Zarek, Vraska, and Kaya are traveling through the Undercity of Ravnica to find Duskmantle, the Guildhall for the Dimir.

With the reanimated corpse of a Dimir agent leading the way, the three have to traverse the Undercity. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is seen interspersed through the issue assassinating various soldiers and agents for other guilds. The only thing he leaves behind? A bloody Dimir insignia.

That’s really the crux of the story here, and it provides us with no answers about Jace’s condition after he’s incapacitated in issue #2.

The Writing And Illustrations Hold Up A “Filler” Issue

This one is a lot of walking and talking with less action. We still get to see the three Guildmasters do their thing, in particular Ral Zarek against a cluster of Thrulls. Outside of those moments it’s more character building for the three. They have some nice banter including some more backstory for Kaya and how her powers work. Vraska even opens up a bit about why her and Jace had a fire in their relationship that burned out. We don’t normally see that kind of emotion from the Queen of the Golgari, but here, we do.

The illustrations this week match up with the greatness of the previous two issues. Ig Guara really understands the assignment with Magic. It’s a wonder that he’s not done any official art for Magic cards before. If I was Wizards, I’d be lining up to get him to do art. We have some beautiful looks at the Undercity of Ravnica that really shouldn’t be this nice looking. The detailing and colors by Arianna Consonni also really make the images pop. You get the full feeling of the lightning from Ral Zarek and the stone cold gaze of Vraska here.

At the end of the day, we have a walky-talkie issue that builds the story forward, but action hounds won’t be that satisfied. The final panel builds towards an even bigger conspiracy that you won’t expect. The travels to Duskmantle are filled with terror and danger, but they’re well worth your time to read.

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