If you’ve been waiting for Judas Priest‘s 50th Anniversary tour as much as I have, then wait no longer. The band announced updated dates for a large swath of their US leg of the tour. Check out the image below for the updated dates. Sabaton will support the band on almost all of the dates, including one of the festival dates in store.

The US leg of the tour goes from September 8th all the way to November 15th. Of course these dates are technically tentative based on the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. But seeing how vaccinations are beating back a good portion of the pandemic, these should stick.

We’ve been waiting for this tour since last year, when it was supposed to happen. What do you think they’ll play on the tour? Are you getting tickets or do you already have a ticket for these shows?

As for our European and other area friends, the Priest does have shows announced for next year at festivals across the world. Check out JudasPriest.com for more information about those shows.

Check out our Dream Setlist series, which goes into different band’s dream setlists. The Judas Priest entry of the series could look a bit like this upcoming tour’s setlist!

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Source: Judas Priest