Hello fellow fans of Ragnarok (what is the collective term?), we are gathered here to check out the sophomore season of a show that came out of nowhere. You can find my impressions of the first season here.

There is a worry among sci-fi/fantasy fans if not all fans that the amazing show that seemed almost perfect in its first season will go flying off the rails in its second. While this may only be the first episode it is an incredible start.


Ragnarok S02E01 - Magne
He’s Going To Get A Charge Out Of This

When we last saw Magne (David Stakston) he wasn’t doing well. Still a fledgling when it comes to his godly powers he was no match for Vidar (Gísli Örn Garðarsson) and was nearly dead before he managed to call down lightning on the both of them.


Ragnarok (Netflix) S02E01 Vidar
When is Vidar not looking annoyed?

When we come back it looks like Magne might have come out worse. He doesn’t appear to be breathing when paramedics come (who called them?). When one EMT immediately decides to shock the unconscious Magne he gets blasted away as Magne wakes up. Magne checks on Vidar and we found out that while visually spectacular the attack is easily shrugged off.

He leaves with a declaration of war giving Magne until the next full moon before the Giants will kill him. One thing I like about Magne is that while he is very much all about the mission he is not afraid to look for help or educate himself. That sort of thirst for knowledge and understanding of one’s own limitations isn’t something you see at the beginning of most heroes’ journeys.

Magne goes to mysterious old woman Wenche (Eli Anne Linnestad) and she reveals herself to him appearing as the sorceress she truly is before granting him a vision of his lost friend Isolde (Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin) and giving him some advice on what to do next. The major thing being that he will not have to fight alone, other gods are coming.

New God in Town

Ragnarok Netflix S02E01 - Iman
She Gets What She Wants

This episode confirms a suspicion I had that Iman (Danu Sunth) is one of our New Gods. After some experimentation we find that she can make people do anything she says. Seeing someone on Magne’s side is refreshing, Laurits ‘indulges’ his brother but Iman seems prepared to really listen. There is a worry that she isn’t taking this seriously though, that’ll definitely change.

The party at the end of the episode moves the story forward in a big way but we’ll be discussing that properly in our discussion of episode 2.

How happy are you that this show is back?

Who is your favorite character?

Who do you think will be the next to join the Pantheon?