Well, it looks like we’ll get to see Far Cry 6 soon. Judging from the gameplay trailer they released, it looks like it’s going to be a good one.

Female protagonist in a Far Cry game. I like it.

This Far Cry 6 gameplay deep dive trailer from Ubisoft really does a good job showing off the actual gameplay. There seems to be a very wide variety of things you can do in this game. You know, aside from shooting bad guys and all. There’s too much to explain here, so I’ll do a breakdown below.

Contrary to what the trailer suggests, Far Cry 6 will not be solely for the Xbox Series S/X. Ubisoft does plans to also release the game for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and even Amazon Luna and Stadia. Yeah, apparently, they really want to support cloud gaming. The trailer also revealed the release date: October 7, 2021. So in just over 4 months, we’ll get to see what the revolution is all about.

Far Cry 6 Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer: Breakdown

Far Cry 6 screenshot with your gatling gun.
A good portion of the gameplay in a nutshell.

So yeah, the Far Cry 6 gameplay trailer shows off a lot of gunplay. This makes sense since you know, the whole point of the game is that you’re running a bloody revolution against a dictatorship in what appears to be the modern era. Only, some of the guns you get to use seem a little…odd. Apparently, you can make makeshift weaponry out of scrap and gun parts now. One of those weapons is a CD launcher aimed using a laser sight. Yes, really. The launcher even plays the CDs while they’re loaded, presumably as cover. Maybe.

Far Cry 6 screenshot with your CD launcher.
“Hey, macarena!” is now stuck in my head.

You can also apparently make and drive a whole bunch of different vehicles in Far Cry 6. These DIY vehicles range in shape from big SUVs to classic cars. You can make them into technicals with machine guns and other modern weaponry, or you can just put a bulldozer blade on a Chevrolet Bel Air and go vroom into some bad guys.

A Chevrolet Bel Air with a bulldozer blade.
Car fu for the win.

Combat isn’t the only point of Far Cry 6 though. Animals seem to play a much larger role in this game. Specifically, tame animals. You can ride and pet a horse, a la Red Dead Redemption 2. You can call upon a pet alligator to maul your enemies for you, and even feed it. Lastly, you can even have an adorable pet dachshund puppy in a little wheelchair for its back legs. The puppy is apparently for “moral support”. Its name is Chorizo. Yes, I will take it. Please let us be able to pet and feed the puppy, Ubisoft.

Your adorable wheelchair puppy in Far Cry 6 trying to be fierce.


Ubisoft just released a pretty cool trailer for Far Cry 6 that does a pretty deep dive into the gameplay. It’s not just combat the whole way. You can also keep a variety of pets, including a cute little wheelchair puppy. Interested in this latest iteration in the Far Cry series? Catch the revolution on October 7, 2021; when it finally starts.

Source: YouTube