If you are a fan of the Boglins you will definitely want to check out this amazing giveaway from Toynk.com! Today Toynk announced their Boglins Golden Ticket giveaway. This is your chance to win a call with creator Tim Clarke, a customized paint design, and a Boglin signed by Tim Clark. Here are the official Golden Ticket giveaway details from Toynk.

Boglins are Back! And they’ve hidden the Magical Golden Tickets! Can you find them?


The Golden Tickets

The naughty Boglins® have hidden Golden Tickets inside their cages at the Toynk warehouse. Only twenty golden tickets exist worldwide, and Toynk has three of them! Each Golden Ticket holder will win a One-of-A-Kind Boglin created just for them by Boglins® Creator Tim Clarke. 

Winners will receive: 

  • 30-minute Zoom Call to design a Boglin with creator Tim Clarke
  • Customized paint design 
  • A One-of-A-Kind Boglin signed by Tim Clarke

Golden Tickets will be distributed randomly. The contest ends when all of the golden tickets have been found. So now’s the time to cross your fingers and start shopping! https://bit.ly/3flz9wh.



Boglins® are hand puppet bog creatures with movable arms and glow-in-the-dark eyes. These fun features encourage imaginative playtime and role-playing games. Boglins® moveable arms, mouths, and eyes allow for unlimited realistic expressions that captivate children and adults alike. The puppets are made from premium-quality foam material, the 8-inch puppet figures are durable and built to last. 

Each Boglin comes delivered in a prison-like “cage.” Complete with damaged prison cell bars and warning labels, they are ready to break out of their cages at any moment. The newly released Boglins®  from TriAction Toys are based on the three original Boglins®  Drool, Dwork, and Vlobb. They have now become kings and will provide the complete story of the seven blog kingdoms.

We Want To Hear From You 

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Source: Toynk