15 years. 15 seasons. 327 episodes. And more demons, ghosts, ghouls, and mythical creatures than we can count. The Winchester brothers have been through hell and back (literally). Now, you can bring them home.

The fifteenth and final season of Supernatural releases on DVD/Blu-Ray today. That means you can bring home the closing arc of the US’s longest-running genre TV series now.

The 20 episodes of season 15 are spread across three Blu-Ray discs, with an additional fourth disc in the set just for additional bonus features. (The DVD version includes 4 episode discs and a fifth for bonus features.)

Bonus features for Supernatural season 15 include:

  • Supernatural: The End of the Road featurette – a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series finale.
  • Supernatural: Family Don’t End With Blood – a documentary examining the thematic importance of family within the series, as well as among the cast, crew, and fans.
  • Winchester Mythology: Midwestern Heroes featurette – a look at Sam and Dean as classic American heroes.
  • Winning Baby: A Supernatural Giveaway featurette – a look inside the iconic Impala replica fan giveaway.
  • The 2019 Comic-Con Panel, which set fans up for the final season.
  • Supernatural: The Long Road Home – a special retrospective episode highlighting all 15 seasons.
  • Gag Reel
Supernatural season 15 DVD/Blu-Ray box art

Plus, the final season of Supernatural includes deleted scenes for over half the episodes in the season, including:

  • “Raising Hell” episode 15×02
  • “The Rupture” episode 15×03
  • “Proverbs 17:3” episode 15×05
  • “Golden Time” episode 15×06
  • “Our Father, Who Aren’t In Heaven” episode 15×08*
  • “The Trap” episode 15×09
  • “The Gamblers” episode 15×11
  • “Last Holiday” episode 15×14
  • “Gimme Shelter” episode 15×15*
  • “Inherit The Earth” episode 15×19*
  • “Carry On” episode 15×20

*Denotes multiple unaired scene clips for the same episode.

Additional specs:

  • Presented in 16×9 widescreen format
  • Episodes mark approx. 843 minutes of run time, with bonus features bringing in an additional 179 minutes
  • Includes English audio and ESDH, English, and Spanish subtitle options
  • Costs $44.98 for the DVD combo pack and $49.99 for the Blu-ray, which includes a digital access code

Should you grab a copy of Supernatural Season 15?

Well, if you’re reading this, I have to assume you’re a Supernatural fan. So YEAH, of course you should! (Come on. It’s the final season. What are you gonna do – NOT complete your collection?)

We received a copy of the season 15 Blu-Ray from WB Home Entertainment, so I can confirm  this is a pretty solid choice to add to your shelf. The cover art is nicely detailed, and I really like the look of the actual discs themselves. They’re a purple color with the signature pentagram. Simple, but effective. (Am I the only one who hates opening a box and seeing boring, blank silver discs?)

Inside the Supernatural season 15 Blu-ray case

Throw in about 3 hours worth of bonus features and a digital access code so you can watch anywhere, and it’s all around a pretty nice package.

Supernatural Season 15 releases on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital May 25.

And if you haven’t been collecting Supernatural season-by-season (or if you just love a collector’s edition), check out Supernatural: The Complete Series as well. The full 327 episode collection also releases May 25.