Ragnarok is a 2020 Netflix Original Fantasy Mystery series starring David Stakston, Jonas Strand Gavli, and Herman Tømmeraas. The seven episode series is a joint Danish/Norwegian production.

Ragnarok Cast Photo
Ragnarok Cast Photo


In the small fictional town of Edda the ice caps are melting at a rate no one had anticipated. People go through long periods of drought. The winters are too warm. More and more frequently, people experience extreme cold bursts. In all ways extreme weather conditions. The world is changing, and some might claim that we’re heading towards a new Ragnarok. Unless someone intervenes in time.

A friend of mine had been raving about this show for some time. What made me take the plunge was a story interwoven with Norse Mythology. This show starts as a simple tale of two brothers and their mother moving back to their hometown. We soon learn this is also a superhero origin story.


Ragnarok does in 7 episodes what far too many 20+ episode seasons fail to do by telling a gripping story with interesting characters while treating heritage with some respect.

Ragnarok Season 1
Ragnarok Season 1

I would rate myself as a beginner when it comes to Norse Mythology just the bits and pieces that from what I learned from Marvel’s take on Thor and various bits from video games. Those who are more aware of Norse Mythology will gain even more from this series I can state however that I didn’t feel lost.

This show gets right to the inciting incident within the first fifteen minutes of episode one when Magne (David Stakston) helps an old man who is having trouble with his mobility scooter. That scene gives us insight into what sort of man Magne is growing into and why we should stick around.

Ragnarok - Magne & Laurits
Ragnarok Season 1 – Magne & Laurits

Fantastic All Around

Magne struggles in school and has some learning disabilities which are not expanded upon. His brother Laurits is your typical sarcastic teenager but still very much loves his brother. He seems to possess good insight into his family as a whole.

By having the story follow two brothers with wildly different personalities we get a lot of insight into what is happening below the surface of this picturesque town.

The location is beautiful and helps give instil in the viewer fear of what might be lost as the protagonists of the show fight against pollution.

The casting on this show is amazing. In my opinion, Jonas Strand Gavli and Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin shine as young stars to watch but any of the young cast could be highlighted as immensely talented.

Watch Season 2 of Ragnarok from May 27. Only on Netflix.

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