Disney’s live-action Cruella officially premieres May 28. But the official score and soundtrack have dropped early, so you can catch the vibe before you catch the flick.

As someone lucky enough to get an advance screening to Cruella, let me tell you: the music in this movie is INCREDIBLE. Seriously, it’s so good. Queen, The Doors, Nina Simone, Blondie, Electric Light Orchestra, and so many more. The soundtrack and score really help transport you to 70s London. 

Music plays a huge role in the movie, which you can learn more about directly from the stars and director in the clip below.

In addition to the curated selection of music used in the movie, it also features a new theme song from Florence + The Machine. Check out the lyric video for “Call Me Cruella” below.

Both the Cruella Motion Picture Soundtrack and the Cruella Original Score are available to stream and purchase today.

The movie arrives in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access next week, May 28.

Source: Disney