“The Darksaber Doesn’t have power. The Story does.” With the return of the Darksaber in the Disney hit series The Mandalorian it has quickly become a must-have collectible for Star Wars fans. Well, Darksaber fans today were in for a surprise at Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland Resort when the new Darksaber hilt and blade were available to purchase. This was all brought to our attention today from fans posting their finds on social media. While we don’t have a lot of details on the Dark Saber yet we do know that it retails for $199.99. Here is a look at the new Darksaber from the social media posts.

Darksaber Found Today At Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

The Darksaber is being sold at Galaxy’s Edge now. So rip my wallet next week.

Twitter User @KylosSabers

Leia’s, Rey’s, the Darksaber. I’m going to DIE.”

Twitter User @_twentyy_

“Heres a look at the NEW Dark Saber being sold in Galaxys Edge! Retails for $200. Huge shoutout to @courageously.red for helping me get this Dark Saber!”

Instagram User paulsthemeparkadventures

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What are your thoughts on the new Darksaber found today at At Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities? Is This a must-have for your collection? Also if you have already pre-ordered the Hasbro Darksaber to you plan on keeping it if you can get your hands on the Disney Parks saber? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

Sabine weilds the Darksaber

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