If you are a fan of World War II movies and superheroes then this is the movie for you. Recently Warner Bros. Animation and DC release their newest title in their DC Universe Movie lineup, Justice Society: World War II. Directed by Jeff Wamester and featuring the voice talents of Matt Bomer, Stana Katic, Armen Taylor, Chris Diamantopoulos, Elysia Rotaru, Liam McIntyre, Geoffrey Arend, Omid Abtahi, Matthew Mercer, Ashleigh LaThrop and Keith Ferguson takes us back to World War II where the Justice Society of America (JSA) is sent in to try to finish the war against the Nazis. Little did they know they were going to get some help from the future.

Justice Society: World War II Synopsis

Justice Society: World War II” finds modern-day Barry Allen – prior to the formation of the Justice League – discovering he can run even faster than he imagined, and that milestone results in his first encounter with the Speed Force. The Flash is promptly launched into the midst of a raging battle – primarily between Nazis and a team of Golden Age DC Super Heroes known as The Justice Society of America. Led by Wonder Woman, the group includes Hourman, Black Canary, Hawkman, Steve Trevor and the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick. The Flash quickly volunteers to assist his fellow heroes in tipping the scales of war in their favor, while the team tries to figure out how to send him home. But it won’t be easy as complications and emotions run deep in this time-skipping World War II thriller.

Justice Society: World War II Review

Justice Society

The Plot and Characters

Thanks to Warner Bros. Animation for providing me with a Justice Society: World War II to review. Going into this aminated film I really didn’t know what to expect but I found myself quickly enjoying the film. This film does a great job of grabbing your attention. You start off following Berry Allen as The Flash teaming up with Superman to fight a villain that is wreaking havoc on the city.

While trying to save Superman Allen ends up running so fast that he sends himself back into time to France during World War II. Once there he meets the Justice Society of America. He decides to help them and joins up JSA led by Wonder Woman. While it was nice to see this team-up with Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Hourman, Hawkman, Steve Trevor, and the Golden Age Flash; I was worried that we had too many superheroes in one place for this film.

Justice Society

The Character Development

It turns out that everyone was used pretty well for this film. Even with the Flash and Wonder Woman being the primary focus of this film, each superhero was used well to not overshadow another. Even though they were balanced out well throughout the film the one thing it did lack was some character development with the rest of the team. But I’m sure we will possibly get more of that in another film.

While the overall storyline was good the other thing that bugged me was the villain. To keep it somewhat spoiler free I won’t say who it is, but you really don’t find out until about halfway into the film. Also, the villain seemed out of place. The villain really didn’t have a lot to do with the World War II timeline. And to be honest I thought the villain was kind of boring.

Justice Society

My Final Thoughts

Justice Society: World War II overall was a good movie. Like I said earlier, we could of use some more character development, but the good thing is that did not take away from the film. The voice cast for this film was great. For not being able to record in the same studio they all flowed together well. You could just feel how well they did from how well the characters’ relationships grew with each other throughout the film. Also, DC if you are listening let’s cut back on the Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor romance stuff it was a little too much in this film.

The animation for this film was amazing. From the backgrounds to the smallest details the animation team really did a great job in giving the film an old fashion look once it went back into time. The fight scenes looked good, you got to see things like the Black Canary’s sonic attack, the speed of both Flashes, and you really could feel the scenes by the characters’ facial expressions.

Justice Society

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Justice Society: World War II is available now on Digital, 4K Ultra Blu-Ray Combo Pack, and Blu-Ray.

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