E3′ 2021 is approaching rapidly as the biggest gaming industry showcase. Most of the biggest developers will have their presentations minus Electronic Arts, who have their own event in July. Xbox, who acquired Bethesda, one of the biggest studios and its assets for $7.5 billion dollars is ready to put a show on like no other. Both companies have been in the planning stages for months as it will feel like a two-part show instead of one.

Source: (© Microsoft, Phil Spencer as the Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft at a previous E3′ presentation).

Xbox and Bethesda Have Two Shows

As for what could be shown, there are plenty of options from Xbox and Bethesda. 343 Industries is hard at work in trying to make Halo: Infinite better and has been given consistent blog post updates. Bethesda can share more about their next project for Starfield in development to be shown more. Elder Scrolls VI could make an appearance, although that game might be far off.

Considering this would be a company synergy move to showcase the brands between Xbox and Bethesda for their next installments and of course teasing fans to leave them on the edge of their seats for wanting more.

Both Xbox and Bethesda have not shared their official plans for what is ahead for June.

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