John Cena is coming back to the WWE, but not for what you think. You’ll be able to hear Cena’s voice on the new Peacock show, WWE Evil. It’s all about the most diabolical and horrible antagonists (heels) in WWE history. The show was created and produced by Cena. He’ll also be lending his voice for the narration. It’s a “psychological expose” into the minds of the greatest heels we’ve seen. Somehow John Cena, one of the most perennial good guys, is narrating this, but go figure.

WWE signed an exclusive deal with Peacock to provide content and live entertainment for the streaming platform earlier this year. You can watch every WWE Pay-Per View on Peacock from the past year, with more older shows coming soon. It’s a fantastic deal for people who either: A. already subscribe to Peacock or B. people who had the WWE Network, because it’s the same price, $9.99 a month.

Who do you think the show will focus on? I’d love an episode about Roddy Piper.

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