After decades of Muppets content, HOW have we never had a Muppets Halloween special before?? Well, I don’t know how the ball was dropped on this one, but worry no longer – Disney+ is here to fix the oversight.

The streamer will premiere Muppets Haunted Mansion this year, the first-ever Muppets Halloween special.

Muppets Haunted Mansion shows Gonzo being challenged to spend the night in The Haunted Mansion. The special will feature your favorite Muppets, celebrity cameos, new music, and plenty of spooky entertainment for families.

Check out the teaser for the special below:

Disney unveiled the news to celebrate Disney Parks and promote their “Halfway to Halloween” event running the weekend of May 7. 

The Haunted Mansion itself is having a bit of a renaissance, as Disney also recently revealed plans for a new Haunted Mansion movie. The upcoming Justin Simien project will be the second feature film based on the iconic park ride.

But for both the Haunted Mansion movie and the Muppets Haunted Mansion special, we’ve got a bit of a wait.

So in the meantime, tell us what you hope to see in the special in the comments below! How do you think Gonzo will handle his night in the Haunted Mansion? (And can you believe the Muppets haven’t done a Halloween special before?!)

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Source: Disney+