Get ready for a huge shakeup to the Modern format. Modern Horizons II arrives June 18th in paper and June 3rd on Magic Online. The special supplemental set designed to add cards not previously legal in the modern format and also new cards, is sure to impress. The first Modern Horizons was the most impactful set in the format’s history. This time around, we’re getting some much needed reprints and some brand new cards for the format. Which means, yes, multiple versions of the original Zendikar fetchlands.

In multiple different borders, or borderless. So looks like what Wizards did with Time Spiral: Remastered is sticking. Those old border fetchlands sure look great.

Oh and yes, that means we’re getting one of the most powerful spells ever in Modern, Counterspell.

Hold onto your seats folks, Modern is about to get supercharged again.

So, what do you think this is going to do to Modern?

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Source: Magic Twitch