Previously on Van Helsing, the Jack’s plan failed and the Dark One was reborn. It seems it is hard to fight against destiny.


Jack Gets Some Development, Big-Time

Jack has grown since her debut as a seemingly throwaway character. From her background being raised by Hansen until the eruption suggests that she was better prepared than most especially as she managed to make it out of a city. These three episodes gave the show a chance to show rather than tell us that Jack is a badass and I enjoyed it.

Never Trust A Dracula

Dracula Makes Themselves Known

Now this is the Dark One we’ve come to fear. It was helpful to get a better understanding of what and who the being was before it came to possess that body. I have to keep reminding myself that this series is based on the comics of the same name so new lore and origins can and will be introduced.

The Brides are introduced here as Bathory gives up her soul to save Jack and Michaela. It seems she has learned her place after failing in her attempts to subjugate the Dark One to her will.

We’re also introduced to the new parents of perhaps the first Van Helsing. Again a new origin with the siblings seemingly raising the first Van Helsing. I don’t think that the baby suckling at the Dark One was just added as an afterthought it may be a part of the origin of the Van Helsing’s unique power.

This new likely COVID-19 enforced structure of the show managed to work. Even with this only lasting three episodes it felt like a full story was told. Feels like the next arc will be set back in our modern timeline and I wonder if there will be any further changes other than what is mentioned in the final scene.

What will happen to Jack in the New World? Will we see her again? How long will this next arc last? Will Vanessa return? So many questions and not that many episodes left to provide answers.

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