Comic artist John Paul Leon, who is known for his work on Static, X-Men, and Batman, has passed away at the age of 49. In a report from, it says that the news was confirmed by multiple people in the comic industry and DC Senior Editor Chris Conroy. As of now the cause of Leon’s death is unknown.

John Paul Leon

Best known for his critically acclaimed work that envisioned and redefined the entire MARVEL COMICS universe in the maxi-series EARTH X, JOHN PAUL LEON’s bold and dramatic work has influenced many of today’s young talents. Some of his other notable works include the critically acclaimed THE WINTER MENLOGAN: PATH OF THE WARLORDTHE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF CYCLOPS AND PHOENIXCHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN, and cover artist for DMZ.

John Paul Leon

John Paul Leon started his comic book career for Dark Horse Comics on RoboCop: Prime Suspect. He would then go on to work with the DC Comics series Static. Leon would go on to work on series such as Superman, Batman, and X-men. Leon contributed artwork for the Superman Return style guide and a pair of Superman books as well. He was currently working on DC Comics’ miniseries Batman: Creature of the night.

(Cover image credit: Luigi Novi.)