Jack Boniface, aka Shadowman, is on a mission to discover why the veil between humanity’s world and the alternate dimension known as the Deadside is tearing apart. As portals appear all over the globe, Jack will use the power of the shadow Loa passed down through his lineage to stop the monstrous threats emerging from the Deadside.

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Shadowman #1 Review

After just the first issue, I can say Shadowman is a series that delivers exactly what it promises. You’re expecting something darkly supernatural with a healthy dose of ass-kicking, and that’s exactly what you get!

First off, the art design in this series is incredible. The visual world of Shadowman instantly draws you in and sets the tone for the series. Jack’s Shadowman personna gives you the feel of both New Orleans Voodoo and a rebellious anti-hero. The monsters are grotesque and scary, the fights bloody and memorable. The color palette too adds to the supernatural feel. Overall, reading Shadowman feels like an immersive experience.

This premiere issue also gives us a great look at the terrors we can expect beyond the veil. Visually, we meet quite a few monsters from the Deadside – all different, but all scary in their own ways. It’s a great indication of the horror (and creative design) to come. This issue also sets up the importance of the veil and gives us clear consequences for crossing beyond it. You’re left thinking, Uh oh. This is gonna be a problem later!

There’s always a lot of exposition needed in a first issue, but the writing in Shadowman carries the setup easily. Learning about Shadowman as he fights monsters feels natural, and it never feels like the story drags while catching up the reader. There’s also a ton of foreshadowing, mystery, and intrigue sprinkled throughout the story. It makes you want to pick up the next issue and find out what happens next.

So, if the premise of Shadowman intrigues you, I can say you definitely won’t be disappointed by this opening issue. It’s creepy, gory, action-packed, and a little bit mysterious, and the pages are packed with impressive art that really draws you into the world.

Check out the preview pages below for your own first look at the series.

Series Info

Description: Jack Boniface is SHADOWMAN, a powerful protector who keeps humanity safe from the demons that claw at the fabric of our reality.

The forces of darkness are awakening and they are hungry for life. Will Shadowman be able to save us all, or will the darkness devour the world as we know it?

Author: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt

Release format: Monthly beginning April 2021

Shadowman #1 is available now from Valiant Entertainment.