Tired of endlessly scrolling through Netflix, trying to pick something to watch? The streamer hears you, and it’s ready to swoop in with the save.

Starting today, everyone who watches Netflix on a TV will have access to the “Play Something” button. The feature will suggest TV and film content to the watcher based on their viewing history. You can access the “Play Something” button underneath your profile name, as a tab on the menu, or ten rows down on the homepage. (You know, in case you start scrolling, then realize you don’t know what you want to watch.)

When you click the “Play Something” button, Netflix will show you either a new film/TV series similar to one you’ve watched before, or an episode/film you’ve already watched and may want to see again. If the Netflix Gods make a misstep in their first choice, you’ll also have the option to “Play Something Else” and get a new suggestion.

This marks the expansion of Netflix’s “Shuffle” feature, which debuted for certain users/platforms last August. The streamer also stated it planned to test the “Play Something” feature on Android devices soon.

So, did you get to test out this feature when it was in the “Shuffle” trial stage? Did letting Netflix “Play Something” help you find a cool show or movie? Or do you prefer to stay more in control of your viewing options? Let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, check back to THS for more Netflix updates.

Source: Twitter