Hollywood has mined the 80s for years now, bringing old franchises back to life. We’ve seen GI Joe, Transformers, She-Ra, Ghostbusters and more all brought back to life in one form or another. A couple of major franchises remain in limbo like Thundercats and He-man. He-man, though, lies on the verge of new life, and that life is about to kick off. Kevin Smith currently works on a Netflix anime version due out later this year. That story kicks off this summer when He-man launches a new comic that will lead into the forthcoming series.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation releases this summer from Dark Horse Comics as a four part beginning to the Kevin Smith story. The opening synopsis reads as follows:

“Following a vicious Orlax attack on his father King Randor, He-Man learns the creature is linked to the origin of the sword of power. To save Randor and put an end to the chaos, He-Man embarks on an epic journey that pits him against his longtime foes Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, and sees Teela take the reins of a powerful legacy.”

Dark Horse Press release
he-man comic
Alt Cover for Masters of the Universe: Revelation

New He-Man Comic – What Awaits?

Little is known of the Kevin Smith He-Man project, other than it’s been in the works for some time. Smith says it will pick up where the 80s series left off. The voice cast alone promises an amazing production. Voicing many of the familiar characters from Eternia will be Mark Hamill, Lena Headey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Conroy. The last project to boast such an amazing voice cast came in 2019 and also came from the 1980’s – The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Kevin Smith knows nerd franchises. His early projects Clerks, Mallrats and more, his projects often dive into the realm of the nerd. He even produced a show based on such material called Comic Book Men. His voice carries a lot of weight in Hollywood when it comes to such things, so when Kevin Smith says he wants to do He-Man, fans can trust this project to ring true to the source material. The He-Man comic launches July 7 and releases a month apart for four months.