Well it looks like the time of Verdansk is over. And it’s time for….1984 Verdansk. Okay, it’s not the biggest map change in the history of Call of Duty. But it looks like it could change up the way we play in Warzone a bit. The new map isn’t out yet, but we’ll get a better look at it later today when the End of Verdansk event is over.

Yesterday we had to deal with zombies and a full fledged nuke, so we’ll have to see how the people at Raven Software and Activision explain this time change. The trailer above, is pretty star studded and has the ever-present “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC over the top of it. I’ll be completely honest, I recognized almost no one in this trailer besides Mookie Betts. So if you’re into some of the celebrities in the trailer, let me know who any of them are in the comments.

It was a very silly and fun trailer though. It showed off the vibe that they want out of Warzone. I’m psyched to see what the new map looks like. For people who are disappointed, we do technically have Rebirth Island as a new map. You can always play that if you get sick of Verdansk.

What are your thoughts on this new trailer?

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